The Proficient Law Junction L.L.P. has formed with its main objective and function to provide the following activities to the banking and financial sectors/institutions:-

  • Provide Due Diligence and accord feasibility of the property for granting loans by the banking and other financial sectors/institutions.
  • Finalizing Agreements and other legal documents thereby ensure proper documentation and adherence to policy and process.
  • To handle and develop client network
  • Responsible to Loan Settlement.
  • Meeting with Target of Branch Collection.
  • Dealing with Customers and their Issues.

The Company is formed to play an important role in providing legal advisory to the banking and financial sector/institutions in reaching out to provide credit to the nonbanking  segments of the society, especially to the micro, small (SMEs) and medium enterprises (MSMEs) including but not limited to checking out the feasibility of various projects undertaken by concerns to avail loan and thereby attribute to wider scope to effectively control bad debts and provide in better understanding the customer segments by evaluating the credit risk on verifying the title of the property by scrutinizing the documents thereby creating a wider scope of loan approvals to the Banking and other financial sectors/institutions.